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Vehicle graphics are an effective way to commercialize your business. You will make hundreds of impressions for each mile you drive by converting your vehicle into an informational advertisement board.  Marhaba Advertising provides the perfect marketing opportunity through vehicle branding. Your car is a blank canvas, and it’s ready to be advertised! The advertising room makes your vehicle stand out from the crowd, drive visibility, sales, and business development. Many vehicle wraps are made of big, printed vinyl stickers applied to the vehicle’s surface. It can be a little difficult, however, to design these powerful commercials. Vehicle graphics take the logo and designs for ads to the next level. It’s the ideal addition to your marketing portfolio, with low initial risk and high return probability. It’s a mobile billboard with ad space that a business owner has to pay only for once.

How Vehicle Graphic is an Excellent Idea for Marketing?

As an effective marketing and branding tool for fleet vehicles, custom vehicle graphics, and wraps work for you every time one of your heavy vehicle, vans, or wrapped cars hits the road. Wraps with vivid coloured vehicle graphics grab viewers’ attention. Marhaba Advertising will make your vehicles stand out from your competitors.

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Why Vehicle Branding:

Marketing is the spinal cord to augment companies’ turnovers sharply. Countless marketing walks over the business, but the Neon Light signage can create a massive difference on the block. Among exterior and interior premises, only signage could be the eye-opener.

Neon Light signage covers both premises with creative mantras and stands as the knights to cut down the unnecessary traffic by grabbing out the companies’ organic customers. An exterior neon sign indicates the landmarks, locations, and famous spots, while interior neon signage encourages the community to locate any merchandise, creative advertising of any brand’s promotion. It also adheres to munch the impulsive buyers throughout its attractive and creative neon signage methodology.

Grabbing attention:

Yours will be turning heads with so many vehicles on the road! Let your car stand out from the standard by using it as a space for ads.

Target Wider Audience:

In the world, make your brand available. Your message will spread and reach a much larger audience as you move to different places. Wherever you go, they’ll see you.


This commercial is subtle. Your brand message is visible, but without forcing the customer’s face – to – face. It’s a visible advertisement, but a passer-by is not distracted.

Long-lasting Impression:

Successful ads can create a first impression, but a lasting impression is much better than first. The opportunity to use your brand creatively and can be memorable by vehicle graphics. 

We are providing Full wrap / Half wrap services

The primary goal of converting your vehicles to deliver advertising impressions to expand your business is both complete and partial wraps. A full vinyl wrap covers the entire visible surface of your car in the simplest terms, while a partial wrap covers only a portion of a vehicle, as its name suggests. There are no Vehicle Graphics downsides as there are so many good reasons to help promote the brand and products using a vehicle graphics printer.

What is Full Wrap?

All the body panels on the car are wrapped up with a full wrap. Perforated glass vinyl graphics can also cover the rear windows of the vehicle. Attracting and grabbing the people’s attention, full vinyl wraps allow you to change the car’s colour, but large scale and imaginative advertisements on your vehicle. It can be extremely captivating and engage those around you with a perfect vehicle wrap. The possible drawback to complete wraps, though useful, is that they tend to be more costly because they need more materials and installation time.

What's a Vinyl Partial Wrap/ Half Wrap?

Vinyl wraps that cover a portion of the car or van are partial wraps. For businesses that operate within a budget is perfect. A well-designed half wrap will draw as much attention as a full wrap on the road. The best partial wraps integrate the vehicle’s base colour into the design. The concept uses a gradient to transition from the orange colour printed on the back to the vehicle’s base colour at the front. Incorporate the paint colour into the overall design; for that, there are endless design choices.

Half vinyl wraps may protect the bulk of the vehicle or only a small fraction of the vehicle. MInimal and unique design only can create lasting impressions on the road. Partial wraps are a perfect and highly efficient design for a company within a limited budget for many different brands.

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